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About MiziziPower™

MiziziPower™ Soil Improver and Organic Fertiliser that promotes strong root growth and supplies a wide range of nutrients to the soil and provides the catalyst for healthy growth by stimulating the natural processes that occur in the soil. By applying MiziziPower™, the level of Organic Matter and the water-holding capacity in the soil, is increased. Ingredients are 100% organic and natural: quality Organic Manure, Organic Matter, and Special Beneficial Micro-Organisms.

MiziziPower™ is manufactured using a unique aerobic composting process, with international “best practice” advanced technology. This process stabilises the nutrients, maximises nutrient availability and ensures the product is free of any parasites, pathogens and weed seeds. Most importantly, the resultant product retains the microbiology necessary to provide a “living” fertiliser.

We have specialised in the large-scale production of high-quality Organic Soil Improvers, and fertilisers that promote strong root growth, using selected Organic Compounds and applying international, leading edge processes.

MiziziPower™ is fully certified as an Organic Agricultural Input under EU Regulations (No: 834/2007 & 889/2008 [European Regulation in Organic Farming]) by Messrs. ECOCERT of France, in addition it is also certified by KEBS under the Kenya National Organic Fertiliser Standard.




MiziziPower™ is a “Soil Improver, Root Stimulant and Organic Fertiliser” (100% Organic), manufactured in Kenya through a High Quality, Technically Managed, Aerobic Composting Process.


Benefits of MiziziPower™

  • nutrients

    Crops take up more water and nutrients

  • nutrients

    More nutrients get to the crop: Humus bonds with nutrients

  • water and humus

    Restores desirable soil life due to it’s diverse and abundant population of aerobic microbes

  • nutrients

    Suited for exporters due to its sanitised material which meets the European Hygiene Standards.

  • NPK ratio

    The N.P.K Ratio is 2:2:1

  • nutrients

    Builds organic matter & increases water holding capacity

Is your production on the decline? Does your soil lack humus?

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  • We had a major problem with lack of organic matter in the soils in our greenhouses. After application of our own compost mixed with MiziziPower™ we have been able to turn around production and yields in our greenhouses.

    Mr. Ashish – Elburgon – Commercial Flowers

  • Asante sana. MiziziPower™ has shown us that healthy soil is all important. My various crops are healthier and producing more since I started using MiziziPower™. My customers are happy too because they know there is no chemicals in my fertiliser.

    Mr. Mwathi – Meru – Vegetables

  • Asante sana. MiziziPower™ imeleta nguvu na ubora kwa miti yangu. Nimechuna zaidi mwaka huu kuliko mwaka jana, tena miti yangu imetoa maua zaidi mwaka huu.

    Mzee Kariuki – Ruiru – Coffee

  • Thank you for showing me the benefits of MiziziPower™. My farm is now the greenest and healthiest in the area

    Mama Njiru – Embu – Maize and Beans